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Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance is a financial services and investment company licensed by the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets & Securities (SCFMS) to provide the following chief lines of services : Advisory, Brokerage, Research, Capital Raising (IPO Management) and Asset Management services.

As a subsidiary of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi (BBSF), Syria’s first and leading privately owned Bank, Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance (BSFF) was established following regulations that paved the way for the development of a securities market in Syria.

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2020 Feb
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Beirut – 26 April 2017:
The Arab Federation of Exchanges has granted Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance an Award of the highest value of Trading Shares on Damascus Securities Exchange during 2016.
Damascus - 11 December 2011: EMEA Finance Magazine, UK, has named Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance as Best Local Investment Company Syria 2011 for the fourth consecutive...
Recent Transactions
Damascus - 10 August 2011: BSFF completes the capital increase of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi after the successful subscription on 2,590,000 shares...
Damascus - 26 November 2009: BSFF announced that it has successfuly closed AlBaraka Bank-Syria’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 35% of the new Bank’s SYP 5 Billion...
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